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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is .blog?

.blog is a new domain extension, available to the public since November 21st, 2016. It is a standard and open domain extension, so .blog domains work just like any other domain, such as .com or .xyz. Domains ending with .blog can be registered with all major domain sellers, including

Why are short domains not available?

All .blog domains with three characters or less are currently reserved by KKWT, the company managing the .blog domain extension. Some short domains have been released (such as, but none are currently available for public registration.

KKWT may release some or all short domains in the future. You can follow along and get updates on KKWT’s blog.

Why are some .blog domains so expensive?

Do you offer refunds?

Domains registered on can be canceled for a full refund within five days of purchase. Contact us at to request a refund.

What is

The domain is used internally by When registering a new domain, you may receive an email to verify your contact information. It is sent from, and contains a link to This is a legitimate email, and the link is safe to click.

How do I connect my domain to my site?

Go to My Domains to see all your domains and set them up. If your domain is already connected, you may have to reset it to the default settings before you can start the set up again.

How do I set custom name servers?

To choose custom servers for your domain, start setting it up from My Domains, and then choose “Configure manually” on the next screen. If your domain is already connected, you may have to reset it to the default settings before you can start the set up again.

Can I transfer my domain?

You can transfer your domain from to any other domain seller that supports it. However, new domains cannot be transferred for 60 days after they are registered. This “lock” period is standard for all domains. You can still start using your domain during this time, for example by setting custom name servers. Contact us at for help with transferring your domain.

Why do you need my contact information?

Domain owners are required to share contact information in a public database called "whois". Our Privacy Protection feature protects your identity and prevents spam by using a forwarding service, keeping your personal details hidden.

Privacy Protection is enabled by default for all new domains. If you prefer to have your contact information publicly associated with your domain, contact us at to disable Privacy Protection.

How can I update the contact information for my domain?

Your contact information has to be kept current and correct, regardless of the Privacy Protection feature. If your information changed since you first registered your domain, please contact us at to update it.

Why am I asked about transferring my domain when I only changed my contact information?

When you update your domain's contact information and change the first name, last name, organization name, or email address, it is considered a change of ownership, even if you're not actually transferring the domain to someone else. If you are transferring the domain to a new owner, they (the “Transferee”) have to agree to the Domain Registration Agreement.